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Future-Tech Demotica-alike Application, planned

Hi little girls,

I got inspired by the demotica bathroom mirror that displays all kinds of information while you’re waking up in front of it. It would be really easy to implement on the DS probably, using RSS Feeds as main resource and dswifi. I’m still asking for more input though, you can view my thread over here. Notice that I posted very informally there. I wonder why I did that..

Anyway, like I said, input is more than welcome!

Progress, screenshot! :p

Okay I went too far, I touched the 3d engine of the DS! :p

Yes you heard it right, I’m going to use the 3d engine for this project, seeing it being faster and allowing alpha blending and scaling, it must be better right? (If not, tell me quick!)

Anyway, I digged up an old 2d collision library I wrote when I was doing other stuff (for the PC), fixed a few bugs, reordered some things to make them work with the devkit compiler. Then suddenly I noticed that the library isn’t complete! It didn’t check solid objects, but it only checked lines (in my circle triangle intersection code). Luckily it’s easy math so yeah, done!

Collision wheel

Edit. I’m putting my old DS Lite on eBay within 2 days. You can look at the photo in the archived entry. It’s not broken real bad.. The hardware will still function if you replace the ribboncable between the two screens! Oh, the firmware is flashed.

New DS Lite

I bought a new DS Lite. (Another White Ed.) It feels strange, buying twice a unworthy highly priced piece of technology that drops in value within the quickest moment. Yet, I bought it.

This replacement will allow me to test my stuff on hardware as I will be doing asap. It’s gonna be fun! hHeheHEheeE!

I haven’t done much in the past few days, but hopefully I’ll be back on the project as I’m constantly thinking of how cool this game would be. Got a hell load of things to do..

Currently, thinking out-of-the-box!

Thanks for the reply on my last post, Mushu. I’ve been trying to think up DS specific gameplay for a platformer and as I still can’t find an arist to work with, I might go with this idea: the player is a simple (2D) ball. [No more monkies.. Yes, I had those!]

This ball will be rolled by draggin the stylus within a circle on the touchscreen. If you touch clockwise, then the ball above will roll to the right, and vv. I am still thinking up neat stylus tricks you can do to jump, boost, attack and cast magic (?).

Anyway, I’m looking for a lot of constructive or destructive input. 😉

A change of plans

I’ve been thinking about the scale of my project and the current situation. I realized that it’s -HARD- to find an artist willing to work for free, especially when the game genre is a sprite and animation intensive one. So I decided to..

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Git.exe: The Redeemer

Ahh! I found it!

The ultimate graphics conversion tool that allows mapping in 1D mode and Screen-Based-Blocks mode! I proudly present my precious finding: git.exe!

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Headache.. Ouch!

I’m sorry to say, but I’m actually suffering from a headache caused by DS programming! =p Darn it. The problem is graphics conversion. After trying millions of commandline settings for different convertors, I end up with gfx2gba, that still doesn’t convert exactly as I want it to. (The damn program is adding a transparent color without an option to make them all opaque!!!) And no, I will not write my own convertor as it takes too much time.
Anyway, I am taking a break from what I’m doing right now and when I get back, I’m going to rewrite the sprite wrapper I have now so it can initiate 4bit (16color), 8bit (256color) and 16bit (lots of colors) sprites, without me EVER having to worry about the correct flags anymore. I will also do the same for 4bit (tiled), 8bit (tiled/rot/ext) and 16bit (tiled/rot/ext) backgrounds [(…): correct me if I’m wrong].

So the game will be delayed, but at least my brains will survive. That’s good enough, right? 🙂


A Mouse Without Scroll

Something totally unrelated to DS homebrew, I cleaned my mouse. This time I decided to open it up and clean everything from the inside.  You’ll be AmAzeD by what you see in a 5 year old mouse. (I really need to get a new PC!) Anyway, lots of food, dust and dead-skin-that-formed-a-layer-of-stickiness inside, and I cleaned all of it. Then it was time to put it back together (the mouse) and I noticed the scroll has 2 springs detached. It was important for me to put them back in, so I thought. But I tried and I tried and I tried, I couldn’t figure out how, to, put, it, back, IN!
So I gave up and put the mouse together without the springs. Now my mousescroll doesn’t give a click if I spin it a bit. Normally the wheel would give some kind of ‘rumble feedback’ and it would scroll in ‘blocks’, but my mouse is completely smooth and it spins without any resistance. That feels way different. It feels like something new and fresh, just how I like it.
The downside is that now I don’t scroll in pieces, I tend to scroll up accidentally on touch of the wheel. I have to be careful now. But that doesn’t change the fact that it feels nice..



My first DS game, screenshot

Hmm.. How should I put this..?


It really is! 😉 I love the way the hardware is game oriented so things like displaying backgrounds, sprites and tiles is nothing more than copying data to specific memory addresses and setting some flags. Although it sounds (and the code looks) much harder than it actually is, when you figure it all out. Huge respect goes to the creators of libnds and the existing homebrew community publishing tutorials and complete manuals on how to develop for teh m4st0R pL4tF0Rm,, Ds!!

I expect at least a few encouraging comments.. So if you’re reading this.. Please reply! 😦


I wish I could test this on my hardware. But y’know..
.. it’s broken. .photo-0158.jpg

Step 0: Why should I flash my DS Lite?

There are many reasons one could have to flash the DS Lite. One reason, I want my readers to know, that I discourage, is the main reason for many people: piracy. I have to admit, I’m a real Nintendo-fan and DS-fan. The DS Lite is an AMAZING looking and playing system. I wouldn’t want to destroy it by spreading piracy. Now you might wonder why I wrote this blog, wouldn’t you? Well as I said, the DS is a very powerful and fresh system, but the thing is, Nintendo isn’t taking full use of it’s capabilities. Yes, they are now co-operating with Opera to create a webbrowser for the DS, but it didn’t have to take this long. And I still want to see more. I want to see PDA functions (the touchscreen serves very well for this purpose). I want to see e-mail & instant messaging, mp3 & video playing, voice chat! I want to make my own games or software!

Oh, and I don’t want to see that Health Warning everytime I start up!!

So this is my conclusion: Homebrew software is very good. Piracy is bad.