What’s on the menu?

The main reason I started this blog is to publish about my Nintendo DS homebrew projects. Currently I’m in the beginning stage of learning (studying libnds and dswifi) so to disappoint you – there are no downloads.

However, since there isn’t much development going on, I might start with telling the world how I -successfully- flashed my wrecked first-minute-imported DS Lite. Wrecked, because my girlfriend threw it against the wall, on a bad night, not because any flashing work. =)

So anyway, I’ll give you a list of articles I plan to write. Hereby I also hold the right NOT to write them. Yay!

  1. What do I need to flash my DS Lite?
  2. Where do I get the required hardware?
  3. How do I flash my DS Lite without breaking it?
  4. Now I flashed my DS Lite, what’s next?

These introduction articles will be followed by or inserted with other posts about flashing the hardware and perhaps some general ranting – not much, I promise, but most importantly I will highlight my personal experience coding for the DS Lite.

I’m sorry if I got you all excited with this beginning post, so here I’ll add a teasing picture on top! XD

What I did NOT flash my DS Lite with!! I ended up NOT doing it like this.


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