Step 0: Why should I flash my DS Lite?

There are many reasons one could have to flash the DS Lite. One reason, I want my readers to know, that I discourage, is the main reason for many people: piracy. I have to admit, I’m a real Nintendo-fan and DS-fan. The DS Lite is an AMAZING looking and playing system. I wouldn’t want to destroy it by spreading piracy. Now you might wonder why I wrote this blog, wouldn’t you? Well as I said, the DS is a very powerful and fresh system, but the thing is, Nintendo isn’t taking full use of it’s capabilities. Yes, they are now co-operating with Opera to create a webbrowser for the DS, but it didn’t have to take this long. And I still want to see more. I want to see PDA functions (the touchscreen serves very well for this purpose). I want to see e-mail & instant messaging, mp3 & video playing, voice chat! I want to make my own games or software!

Oh, and I don’t want to see that Health Warning everytime I start up!!

So this is my conclusion: Homebrew software is very good. Piracy is bad.


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