Step 1: What do I need to flash my DS Lite?


  • Supercard miniSD: This is simply a GBA cartridge that accepts a miniSD storage (not included). There are other versions (Supercard CF/Supercard SD/M3/EZ-Flash) out there but this one is probably the cheapest and most used. You’ll need to get the miniSD storage yourself, but you’ll have no problem getting one at the local computer store. NOTE: Don’t forget the cartreader if your PC doesn’t have one.
  • SuperKey: This device is needed to run ds software from the Supercard (miniSD). Why? Because without this, the Supercard will only have access to the GBA hardware (the DS Lite will see it as a GBA game). But in order to flash the DS Lite, you’ll need to have access to all hardware. Like the Supercard, there are different versions (PassMe2/SuperPass) but you’ll see that this one is basically the easiest. It can even run ds software without having flashed. [But you’ll want to flash anyway..]
  • Firmware v7: Hacked DS firmware for the DS Lite. Get it here.
  • Screwdriver: You’ll need to remove the battery cover. If you don’t know what size and shape, just look at your DS’ ass – I mean, its backside.
  • Shorting tool: When flashing, you need to connect 2 pieces of hardware. You will need a tool that conducts electricity. Just use rolled up tin (aluminium) foil. It’s fast and accurate. Be aware that if you don’t fold it up nicely, you might accidentally touch other metals (especially the dangerous screw) which is BAD. Fold it up into a stick, make the tip blunt and about 2mm in diameter.
  • Isolating tool: This one is optional. But I used it and it made me feel a lot safer. I just used a plastic straw (cut to fit) and jammed it around the dangerous screw. More on that later.

Okay, that’s what you need. Next up, where to buy the stuff.


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