A Mouse Without Scroll

Something totally unrelated to DS homebrew, I cleaned my mouse. This time I decided to open it up and clean everything from the inside.  You’ll be AmAzeD by what you see in a 5 year old mouse. (I really need to get a new PC!) Anyway, lots of food, dust and dead-skin-that-formed-a-layer-of-stickiness inside, and I cleaned all of it. Then it was time to put it back together (the mouse) and I noticed the scroll has 2 springs detached. It was important for me to put them back in, so I thought. But I tried and I tried and I tried, I couldn’t figure out how, to, put, it, back, IN!
So I gave up and put the mouse together without the springs. Now my mousescroll doesn’t give a click if I spin it a bit. Normally the wheel would give some kind of ‘rumble feedback’ and it would scroll in ‘blocks’, but my mouse is completely smooth and it spins without any resistance. That feels way different. It feels like something new and fresh, just how I like it.
The downside is that now I don’t scroll in pieces, I tend to scroll up accidentally on touch of the wheel. I have to be careful now. But that doesn’t change the fact that it feels nice..




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