Progress, screenshot! :p

Okay I went too far, I touched the 3d engine of the DS! :p

Yes you heard it right, I’m going to use the 3d engine for this project, seeing it being faster and allowing alpha blending and scaling, it must be better right? (If not, tell me quick!)

Anyway, I digged up an old 2d collision library I wrote when I was doing other stuff (for the PC), fixed a few bugs, reordered some things to make them work with the devkit compiler. Then suddenly I noticed that the library isn’t complete! It didn’t check solid objects, but it only checked lines (in my circle triangle intersection code). Luckily it’s easy math so yeah, done!

Collision wheel

Edit. I’m putting my old DS Lite on eBay within 2 days. You can look at the photo in the archived entry. It’s not broken real bad.. The hardware will still function if you replace the ribboncable between the two screens! Oh, the firmware is flashed.


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