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I’ve been making a worldwide weather retrieving application. It uses DsWifi and LibFat. You can read more about it on Dev-Scene.

If you have any comments or suggestions, you are welcome to post them as a comment to this entry.

– Lick

DSLiveFTP project will be continued when libfat supports directory functions.

Yup, waiting.

Demo updated, new information found!

If you still don’t know what kind of demo it is: It’s a FIFO-based demo that demonstrates multiple useful information gathering from the ARM7-access-only registers.

I was messing with version 1 of the demo as I found out that when the charger was plugged in, the brightness value increased by 8. So I figured that bit(3) would be the ‘is battery charging’ bit. As I’m not sure if this is DS Lite specific (probably not), I hereby declare that SPI DATA REG 4 is -NOT- DS Lite specific anymore, but is also containing other information.
In my src I call it PM_HARDWARE_REG (perhaps it should be called EXTRA).

Anyway, I updated on several spots. Read below.

` 19-08-06 ` Found a powerful useful bit. The is-battery-recharging bit.
It’s the 4th bit (BIT(3)) of SPI DATA REG 4, that was at first
though to be a DS Lite specific register.

  • Added feature to see if battery is recharging.
  • Instead of substracting 64, the brightness bit is masked. (Bugfix)
  • Renamed some of the #defines and functions.
  • Made GET_BRIGHTNESS on Phatty return 0 or 1. (not 0 or 2)
  • Added the sun icon, I pixelled (hehe), to the package.

Hope the code will help you develop a strong application!
– Lick

P.S. Thanks Huuf for hosting!

Demo released: brightness_test

This demo includes:

  1. Backlights on/off.
  2. Lite brightness controlling. (Phatty will use 1.)
  3. Read battery status.
  4. LED control.
  5. PersonalData reading.


  • Not tested on the Phatty, yet.
  • PersonalData is UTF-16, well, it means that display of non-ASCII characters is incorrect.

Thanks to everyone at:

  • (for hosting)
  • (!)
  • Infantile Paralysiser (for his Moonshell src)
  • HyperHacker (for exploring Moonshell src)
  • NDSTech
  • GbaTek (!)


How to set Nintendo DS Lite backlight brightness!! (This is cool)

I figured out how to set the brightness level of the DSLite backlight!

Using libnds, use the following arm7 code.

To set the brightness:
writePowerManagement((4), level); //level = {0-3}

To read the brightness:
readPowerManagement((4)) - 64; //returns {0-3}

Simple isn’t it? 😉

Starting today, I will accept donations

Just so you know, I placed a donation link in the midst of the navagationbar, you probably won’t miss it. I hope to accept donations for the purchase of a GBAMP, and just general donations for the effort I put into the projects I work on.

I won’t expect to become a miljonaire, but any amount will help. So thanks a lot! 😉

DSLiveFTP Beta-WIP-Preview

Okay, after a long time of silence..
It’s time for me to tell the world..
about ..

DSLiveFTP! Beta Work-In-Progress-Preview. It’s very cool though: I made some bloody smooth graphics for the application-to-be, and it already connects to an FTP server. It’s still useless for the end-user but if you like nifty apps and ds homebrew, check it out.


The FTP protocol requires 2 socket connections. One for commands and another one for sending the actual data. This means that DSLiveFTP would have to open up another port to send the actual data through, and use the existing one for commands only. Now I haven’t programmed the data socket yet, so the commands that use the data socket won’t work! -> No file transfers, yet.

Binary, video: 😉

-Lick (stabs DynaStab for hosting XP)

Dii – DS intelligent interface

That’s going to be the name. I hope you like it, if you don’t, at least spread the word so I get publicity anyway. ~Har ~har!!

I am beginning work on the PC server (as Dii will communicate through the PC to get its resources). I’m using C#.NET (2.0) for the server so it will have a nice interface. On the DS side, I have put down the different functionalities I want in Dii and I sorted them into categories. Most of the information pulled from the internet will go through the PC server to minimize the garbage that has to be sent to the DS. This means that Dii will require the PC to be on. However, not for all features. I will probably write a direct internet access module, but that’s not really important right now.
What is important, is the Send File function of the PC server. What I hate is to plug the miniSD card in and out just to test files. The Send File function will allow me to download a file from PC to DS. This way, I’m going to make homebrew life easier. I hope it will work. Got my fingers crossed.

DiiServer PC C#.NET 2.0

So.. Back to work. – Oh and comments are really appreciated. If I do anything foolish, don’t wait a second to awaken my idealistic mind.