DSLiveFTP Beta-WIP-Preview

Okay, after a long time of silence..
It’s time for me to tell the world..
about ..

DSLiveFTP! Beta Work-In-Progress-Preview. It’s very cool though: I made some bloody smooth graphics for the application-to-be, and it already connects to an FTP server. It’s still useless for the end-user but if you like nifty apps and ds homebrew, check it out.


The FTP protocol requires 2 socket connections. One for commands and another one for sending the actual data. This means that DSLiveFTP would have to open up another port to send the actual data through, and use the existing one for commands only. Now I haven’t programmed the data socket yet, so the commands that use the data socket won’t work! -> No file transfers, yet.

Binary, video: 😉

-Lick (stabs DynaStab for hosting XP)


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