DSLiveWeather “Aestus”

Official Release:
DSLiveWeather “Aestus

Download URL:


First Official Release that includes graphics. Aestus, that’s heat in Latin. I’m sure you guys agree that this release is hot!

Changes (from Tepidus release):
– Better layout current condition.
– One global server setting, so you don’t have to type that for each and every profile.
– Left and Right switches between profiles.
– Touching the information will switch between units (F/C, miles/km).

Installation Notes:
– Make sure to create a directory in the root, named “DSLiveWeather”. (If you’re upgrading from previous installations, remove the trailing exclamation icon (“!”) from the directoryname.)
– You must use the file ‘weather/fetch2.php’ from the server ‘lick.huuf.net’. Must.
– You might want to delete reports.b, because there has been a change in the way DSLW loads that file. Though you don’t -need- to do it.

Please report any bugs that you find so I can remove them ASAP.


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