DSLiveWeather “Aperio”2

No Harry Potter jokes about the codename please. :p

Official Release (90%):
DSLiveWeather “Aperio“2

– v2 is built with DsWifi update 0.3b

Download URL:

Screenshot URL:

First Official Release that includes graphics, current weather and forecasts.

Changes (from Aestus release):
– Added Help screen, access by pressing Select.
– Added forecasting! (YAAY!!)
– Added a small iTWC logo, required in weather.com XML license.
– Fixed some bugs, thanks for reporting them. šŸ˜‰

Installation Notes:
– A folder named “DSLiveWeather” in the root is -still required- to load and save data, which is never required, but is really nice.
– Also the same: use ‘lick.huuf.net’ as DSLW Server and ‘weather/fetch2.php’ as File, in the Settings tab.
– You might want to delete previous reports and forecasts (reports.b & forec.b).

– Still using the limited libFat, until DevKitPro r20 is out.
Please report any bugs that you find so I can remove them ASAP.


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