Useful tip on using FIFO for large transfers

A lot of tutorials tell you to wait before reading the FIFO:

while(REG_IPC_FIFO_CR & IPC_FIFO_RECV_EMPTY); // if empty, wait..
whatever = REG_IPC_FIFO_RX; // ..then read/receive!

But when mass-transfering variables through the FIFO queue, it is also wise to check before writing/sending, if the queue isn’t full. ‘Cuz if it is, you will have to wait until there’s a spot free, or the write will fail. Note: there is a total of 16 free spots in the queue.

So to add to those lacking tutorials, check the queue before sending data!!

while(REG_IPC_FIFO_CR & IPC_FIFO_SEND_FULL); // if full, wait..
REG_IPC_FIFO_TX = whatever; // ..then write/send!

The above code is safe to do within a loop. Here’s an example:

for(i=0; i<17; i++) // OMG!! More than 16!!

REG_IPC_FIFO_TX = data[i];


For me, another bug solved! 😉 Hehe..
– Lick

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