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A Japanese blogger posted about DSLiveWeather and how to use it. It’s all written in Japanese so I don’t know if he actually liked it or not, hehe, however, it might help people who understand Japanese to set up DSLiveWeather.
Visit the page here.

Also, on the development side, I’ve been really busy with school and other stuff (yeah real life) so I haven’t done so much lately. I am currently working on something different from DSLiveWeather, which will become part of it later on, but it’s still very “nothing-ish” right now. I have also fixed a few bugs in “Aperio”3: the famous time bug and the flickering text in the forecast tab. Another important improvement is the ability to permanently change the Brightness Level. In the previous releases, when the DS was powered off, the brightness level would be lost. For example, if you start DSLiveWeather and set the brightness to maximum, then after reseting the DS, the brightness would be reset as well, so not maximum. But from now on you can use DSLiveWeather, instead of the firmware, to quickly change the brightness before you play games/run apps!

The next version will be released when I finish that “nothing-ish” part. Hopefully that will be soon.

– Lick

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