[ Update ]
Made a small modification – LoveLite-1.1 now only saves the setting when the Power Off button is pressed. This is probably better for your hardware.

It’s open-source*. It works. It’s is finished. What are you waiting for? =D

* open-sourced for educational purposes. Not for modifications (send your modifications to me, if it’s any good, I’ll add it and your name to LoveLite!)



Project name:
LoveLite – actually (Love)Lite. But it’s easier without the paranthesis. No I’m not a hippy. I’m in love! =D


Version 1.1


LoveLite allows you to permanently (that is: power-off-proof) change your Lite brightness setting. It’s a project that came out of an earlier experiment (see below). There’s also a very sensitive Power Off button so you don’t have to push the powerbutton (the real one) twice.
I never ran ALite, but I heard that ALite doesn’t permanently save the brightness. So I made LoveLite.


Thanks Huuf for hosting, by the way, where are you? (78 kiB) contains:

  • LoveLite.nds
  • LoveLite.ds.gba
  • LoveLiteScreenshot.png
  • (!!)


  • (Maybe) “Return to Supercard” button.

– Lick




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