Why LoveLite?

People have asked this question, “Why LoveLite? It seems useless.” Here is my reply.
It ended up being more of a research anyway.

The project shows off my previous and current discoveries:
– The Brightness setting that is stored in the User Settings [inside firmware]. This value can be changed so the DSLite boots to this value. In homebrew, this hasn´t been done before, not by ALite either.
– Resetting to various bootmenu´s. At first there were only ALite and “moonshell reset to supercard” that resetted back to the bootmenu, but those were 1) closed-source and 2) Supercard only. I have found ways to make it work on the M3, GBAMP, ezFlashIV and surprisingly it works on DS-Extreme as well. Also, LoveLite is open-source, which means that now every developer can add this functionality to his homebrew application!

That´s the reason for the project in a nutshell.
– Lick


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