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backlight fading demo

I was interested in the backlight fade-in that the original firmware does. According to gbatek (Backlight Dimming / Backlight caused Shut-Down(s)) the backlight has to be turned on/off at different rates so it simulates a smooth fade-in.

This is the result. It works, but I don’t recommend that anyone reuses the code in their projects. It’s bad code.

It should work on Phat DSes as well. 

– Lick

DSLiveWeather another update

This build will work on newer DS Lites as it uses DSWifi 0.3c (sgstair).

This post is open for comments, so put the feedback here!

– Liick

Happy birthday.. me! It’s the 23rd of January and today I turned eighteen. I feel different from yesterday, seriously, I feel more mature. Maybe because I can buy drugs legally now. Yeah, I should buy drugs and sell it to kids..

Short update..

Hey everyone,

I haven’t posted anything on my blog lately, but it’s time to crawl out from under my rock.

First thing that I need to say is that I’ve compiled DSLiveWeather against the latest revolution in the DS homebrew toolchains, namely chishms DLDI. You can grab the new build of DSLiveWeather “Vesper” from this link (~390 KiB).

Also, I got dugg, makezine’d, crunchgear’ed, rojo’d, gizmodo’d, itechnews’ed and many more! Yes, even though I haven’t posted any information on this blog about Licks Media Player the iPod-look-a-like-music-player, formerly known as “.bleepz” (hehe), it is true that I was working on it for a while and discontinued the project. Never thought it’d get so much (late) attention, since the software barely played songs. And a funny note: most of the articles that wrote about LMP never even mention me! Bah..

Back to development-talk, if you use libcartreset, you’ll notice that it doesn’t work that well anymore. I should update it to be compatible with more fatlibs and devices, but I just need to find time to rewrite it a bit. Some people asked me if <their Slot-1 device> will be supported, but unfortunately, no one actually knows how to do this. The only chance is to ask the manufacturers how their hardware works, because –I– have no idea.

And that all I got to say for now. Happy 2007, by the way!

– Lick