Rebootlib (successor of Libcartreset)

I haven’t posted about Rebootlib on my blog, so for completeness’ sake I’ll just post a short introduction here.

In the beginning there was Libcartreset. It was a small library that provided procedures to reset the Nintendo DS to the Slot-2 Device’s bootmenu. For example if you have a Supercard and you ran DSLiveWeather, you would be able to return to the Supercard’s bootmenu -without- powercycling your DS.

Even though the library was functional and in my own opinion very useful, not many developers have made us of it. I decided to rewrite it from scratch and added support for a few new devices.
Rebootlib was born.

Rebootlib is not a compiled library like Libcartreset (*.a). You just include it to your project’s sources (*.h *.c *.cpp) and it will be compiled with your project.

Find information on how to Download and implement Rebootlib.


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