DSLiveWeather New Server Configuration

Hi guys,

The default server “lick.huuf.net”+”weather/fetch2.php” is now offline. Please change your settings to “lickr.org”+”weather/fetch2.php”.


– Lick


5 comments so far

  1. therman on

    hey where is the weather.com location id at?

  2. glitchyg on

    Would it be possible for you to share your fetch2.php file? For those of us with our own servers. Also on a side note any future site of Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion on the app for those of us that are not use to Reading in Metric =P?

  3. glitchyg on

    N/M On Second Part of that Comment i Found Metric English Conversion On the app =P

  4. tonyda123 on

    Wheres is the weather id. at?

  5. dum4s5 on

    is it possible for you to make this work for the DS Fire Link?

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