PC+Monitor or a Laptop?

So I graduated.

Somewhere in September I’ll be going to college, studying “Business and Information Technology”. I’m pretty excited since it combines the money-making field with my special-interest field. I hope this study will work out.

Anyway, a more interesting thing is that I’m going to buy a new configuration. It’s either a PC+monitor combo, or a laptop. I’m currently undecided, but I think it’s going to end up being a PC+monitor combo. Raw power and a huge screen, no one can refuse such an offer. But on the other hand I have the laptop. Average performance, average screen, but I can take it everywhere I go, whether it’s outside or just the living room. Probably most useful if I need it for my classes next schoolyear.

Of course I really wish I could have both. But then again, I’d also like to get some driving lessons, new clothing, go on vacation and more of the stuff young people oughtta do.  I’ll be slowly working towards these goals and I hope I’ll meet them in 2008.

Enough talk about my life. Right now I just need to decide what to buy. Any suggestions?

– Lick


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  1. dg10050 on

    Maybe you could get the desktop PC and a PDA? Either way, I would personally get the PC, though some type of laptop or PDA could be a huge help.

  2. gwynevans on

    How about a MacBook Pro plus an external monitor. With Parallels, that’ll let you have Unix(OSX), WinXP & Linux. Don’t forget the educational discounts…

  3. Max on

    I would say buy a laptop (Sony, IBM, Apple MacBook (Pro), or Toshiba) and then put Ubuntu on it. I have been using some of the worlds slowest computers (933MHz) and I have gotten perfect performance with everything (Email, web browsing, DS dev, gaming, office s**t, etc.). Don’t worry about a Laptop being wimpy. I would be honored to have anything that was over 1GHz.

  4. licklick on

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know I went and bought a PC + monitor after all. It’s not high-end nor low-end, but even with the monitor it was pretty cheap.
    I’m really loving the 1680×1050 resolution + AMD 64 X2 cpu. 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

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