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DSLiveWeather New Server Configuration

Hi guys,

The default server “”+”weather/fetch2.php” is now offline. Please change your settings to “”+”weather/fetch2.php”.


– Lick

DSLiveWeather Update July 12

New in the July 12 version of DSLiveWeather:

  • Automatically searches for the DSLiveWeather directory within 3 depth levels away from the root. This means that the following three configurations will work:
    1. /DSLiveWeather
    2. /<1>/DSLiveWeather
    3. /<1>/<2>/DSLiveWeather

    This procedure is done with my Locator() function. If you would like to see this feature in more homebrew projects, spread the word to the developers!

  • People experienced problems with Saving to FAT. This should be fixed.
  • This build uses the latest official DSWifi 0.3.2. I hope it fixes some of the WiFi problems.

That’s it! Download DSLiveWeather Update July 12.

– Lick

DSLiveWeather Update June 07

June 2007 – New release
Built with: DevKitARM r20, libfat (DLDI), dswifi/wifilib 0.3.1, rebootlib 1.1

I hope it runs on ya devices!

backlight fading demo

I was interested in the backlight fade-in that the original firmware does. According to gbatek (Backlight Dimming / Backlight caused Shut-Down(s)) the backlight has to be turned on/off at different rates so it simulates a smooth fade-in.

This is the result. It works, but I don’t recommend that anyone reuses the code in their projects. It’s bad code.

It should work on Phat DSes as well. 

– Lick

DSLiveWeather another update

This build will work on newer DS Lites as it uses DSWifi 0.3c (sgstair).

This post is open for comments, so put the feedback here!

– Liick

Short update..

Hey everyone,

I haven’t posted anything on my blog lately, but it’s time to crawl out from under my rock.

First thing that I need to say is that I’ve compiled DSLiveWeather against the latest revolution in the DS homebrew toolchains, namely chishms DLDI. You can grab the new build of DSLiveWeather “Vesper” from this link (~390 KiB).

Also, I got dugg, makezine’d, crunchgear’ed, rojo’d, gizmodo’d, itechnews’ed and many more! Yes, even though I haven’t posted any information on this blog about Licks Media Player the iPod-look-a-like-music-player, formerly known as “.bleepz” (hehe), it is true that I was working on it for a while and discontinued the project. Never thought it’d get so much (late) attention, since the software barely played songs. And a funny note: most of the articles that wrote about LMP never even mention me! Bah..

Back to development-talk, if you use libcartreset, you’ll notice that it doesn’t work that well anymore. I should update it to be compatible with more fatlibs and devices, but I just need to find time to rewrite it a bit. Some people asked me if <their Slot-1 device> will be supported, but unfortunately, no one actually knows how to do this. The only chance is to ask the manufacturers how their hardware works, because –I– have no idea.

And that all I got to say for now. Happy 2007, by the way!

– Lick

LoveLite 1.4 beta

What’s changed:
– FIXED Supercard Lite support. (See libcartreset 0.72)
– REMOVED the annoying purposeless green flash when resetting. (The red one is still in there.)

Download: (102 KB)
– LoveLite-1.4.nds
– LoveLite-1.4.ds.gba
– (educational purposes only; please contact me about modifications!)

Enjoy, and report all possible bugs so I can fix them in the next release!
– Lick

libcartreset 0.72, 1 bug fixed

0.72 Update – Fixed Supercard Lite support.

Same story: Choose libfat version if you use chishm’s libfat that comes DevKitPro. If you use a different fatlib, then choose nolibfat version.

– Lick

Why LoveLite?

People have asked this question, “Why LoveLite? It seems useless.” Here is my reply.
It ended up being more of a research anyway.

The project shows off my previous and current discoveries:
– The Brightness setting that is stored in the User Settings [inside firmware]. This value can be changed so the DSLite boots to this value. In homebrew, this hasn´t been done before, not by ALite either.
– Resetting to various bootmenu´s. At first there were only ALite and “moonshell reset to supercard” that resetted back to the bootmenu, but those were 1) closed-source and 2) Supercard only. I have found ways to make it work on the M3, GBAMP, ezFlashIV and surprisingly it works on DS-Extreme as well. Also, LoveLite is open-source, which means that now every developer can add this functionality to his homebrew application!

That´s the reason for the project in a nutshell.
– Lick

LoveLite 1.3 beta

What’s new:
Instead of Powering Off, LoveLite will attempt to return to the bootmenu.
ALL Supercard devices will now return to the sc menu. (SCLite users, please give feedback)
GBAMP (with chishm’s hack) will now return to _BOOT_MP.NDS.
M3 devices will now return to the m3 menu. (M3CF and M3SD tested. If not working, try holding L. Please give feedback)
EZ IV devices will return to the ez menu. (Note: it takes a few seconds before LoveLite is initialized. After that, it works though)
EZ-Flash III and EZ-Flash II has potentially working code, but no one tested yet.

What’s changed:
– The firmware is now tested before it writes the brightness. Also corrected the iQue offsets.. iQue users: Please make sure you have a -Flashed iQue- before trying this software. No tests have been done on iQue devices, because I don’t have one. It should work as expected, but until people have tested it, I can’t claim anything.
– The buttons were reacting too slow, now you shouldn’t have any input-delays. In other words: smooth touching.
– Graphics glitches were found on some cards, also fixed.

What’s about the beta?
I turned this into a beta, so that people hopefully will read the release notes. 😉

No, it doesn’t. Yes, it bricked a few iQues (hopefully they were flashed) but the code is fixed. As you can read in the changes, the potentionally dangerous code now includes checking of the firmware before writing to it. Check the source if you still have your doubts.
The release is tested on western ds’es, but make sure your firmware is flashed and recoverable, if you’re the first person to test LoveLite on your type of hardware. (FlashMe users are 100% safe!)

Download: (114 KB)
– LoveLite.nds
– LoveLite.ds.gba
– (educational purposes only; please contact me about modifications!)

To do
– Implement new device-detection code.
– Make the return feature work for even more deviceTypes.

Enjoy, and report all possible bugs so I can fix them in the next release!
– Lick