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DSLiveWeather New Server Configuration

Hi guys,

The default server “”+”weather/fetch2.php” is now offline. Please change your settings to “”+”weather/fetch2.php”.


– Lick

DSLiveWeather Update July 12

New in the July 12 version of DSLiveWeather:

  • Automatically searches for the DSLiveWeather directory within 3 depth levels away from the root. This means that the following three configurations will work:
    1. /DSLiveWeather
    2. /<1>/DSLiveWeather
    3. /<1>/<2>/DSLiveWeather

    This procedure is done with my Locator() function. If you would like to see this feature in more homebrew projects, spread the word to the developers!

  • People experienced problems with Saving to FAT. This should be fixed.
  • This build uses the latest official DSWifi 0.3.2. I hope it fixes some of the WiFi problems.

That’s it! Download DSLiveWeather Update July 12.

– Lick

DSLiveWeather Update June 07

June 2007 – New release
Built with: DevKitARM r20, libfat (DLDI), dswifi/wifilib 0.3.1, rebootlib 1.1

I hope it runs on ya devices!

DSLiveWeather another update

This build will work on newer DS Lites as it uses DSWifi 0.3c (sgstair).

This post is open for comments, so put the feedback here!

– Liick

Short update..

Hey everyone,

I haven’t posted anything on my blog lately, but it’s time to crawl out from under my rock.

First thing that I need to say is that I’ve compiled DSLiveWeather against the latest revolution in the DS homebrew toolchains, namely chishms DLDI. You can grab the new build of DSLiveWeather “Vesper” from this link (~390 KiB).

Also, I got dugg, makezine’d, crunchgear’ed, rojo’d, gizmodo’d, itechnews’ed and many more! Yes, even though I haven’t posted any information on this blog about Licks Media Player the iPod-look-a-like-music-player, formerly known as “.bleepz” (hehe), it is true that I was working on it for a while and discontinued the project. Never thought it’d get so much (late) attention, since the software barely played songs. And a funny note: most of the articles that wrote about LMP never even mention me! Bah..

Back to development-talk, if you use libcartreset, you’ll notice that it doesn’t work that well anymore. I should update it to be compatible with more fatlibs and devices, but I just need to find time to rewrite it a bit. Some people asked me if <their Slot-1 device> will be supported, but unfortunately, no one actually knows how to do this. The only chance is to ask the manufacturers how their hardware works, because –I– have no idea.

And that all I got to say for now. Happy 2007, by the way!

– Lick

DSLiveWeather News

A Japanese blogger posted about DSLiveWeather and how to use it. It’s all written in Japanese so I don’t know if he actually liked it or not, hehe, however, it might help people who understand Japanese to set up DSLiveWeather.
Visit the page here.

Also, on the development side, I’ve been really busy with school and other stuff (yeah real life) so I haven’t done so much lately. I am currently working on something different from DSLiveWeather, which will become part of it later on, but it’s still very “nothing-ish” right now. I have also fixed a few bugs in “Aperio”3: the famous time bug and the flickering text in the forecast tab. Another important improvement is the ability to permanently change the Brightness Level. In the previous releases, when the DS was powered off, the brightness level would be lost. For example, if you start DSLiveWeather and set the brightness to maximum, then after reseting the DS, the brightness would be reset as well, so not maximum. But from now on you can use DSLiveWeather, instead of the firmware, to quickly change the brightness before you play games/run apps!

The next version will be released when I finish that “nothing-ish” part. Hopefully that will be soon.

– Lick

DSLiveWeather “Aperio”3 (Lite)

[edit] Added some known bugs

Official Release (93%):
DSLiveWeather “Aperio“3

– v2 is built with DsWifi update 0.3b
– v3 is built to work with Supercard Lite.

Download URL:


(1) settings.jpg (2) cur_2.jpg
(3) cur_1.jpg (4) for_1.jpg

DSLiveWeather is very complete. Eventhough the progress still states that it’s at 93%, all the features that I originally planned are already implemented. The remaining 7% are probably the WiFi Configuration that allows the user to catch weather information on-the-go (connect instantly with free hotspots).

The latest version of Aperio, version 3, adds Supercard Lite support and fixes a small rendering glitch (thanks heyyouguys aka onekelly).

For those who haven’t heard: when you save the Profiles (in the Settings tab), the units preference (F/C, miles/km..) is saved as well!

The ‘Updated x min ago’ actually works now. It shows exactly how old the information is. 😉

Summary of Features:
– View the current weather and weather forecast of all the locations supported by
– Configure/load and save 64 unique Location Profiles.
– Beautiful icons taken from Xbox Media Center Weather (with permission of course).
– Full touchscreen control, but also keycontrol.
– .. and much more for you to find out!
Installation Notes:
– Download DSLiveWeather.
– Copy it to your homebrew device.
– If your homebrew device supports FAT then DSLW can load and save location data known as Location Profiles and downloaded weather data, however, you have to create a directory named “DSLiveWeather” in the root directory.
– When you start up it’s important to see “DsWifi ready!” and “LibFat ready!”.
– If you see “DsWifi failed!” then report this as soon as possible.
– If you see “LibFat failed!” then check if your homebrew device is supported. If it’s any newer than Supercard Lite, you can expect failure.
Press SELECT on each tab to see the Help message for that screen.
Known Bugs
– Some devices aren’t supported yet.
– Rendering glitches (flashing texts)
– Clock under the location is acting weird. When the hour should pass, the minutes go above 59 instead!! =(
Please report any bugs that you find so I can remove them ASAP.


Alternate DSLiveWeather Server got updated.

Thanks to MrShlee now the alternative for ‘’ is getting updated to work with the latest builds. It should work in a few hours or less.

So now you can connect to :

  1. DSLW Server: “”
    File: “weather/fetch2.php”
  2. DSLW Server:””
    File: “fetch2.php

Note that it might not work until a few hours.
That’s all!
– Lick

Edit: yes, the secondary server works now!

DSLiveWeather “Aperio”2

No Harry Potter jokes about the codename please. :p

Official Release (90%):
DSLiveWeather “Aperio“2

– v2 is built with DsWifi update 0.3b

Download URL:

Screenshot URL:

First Official Release that includes graphics, current weather and forecasts.

Changes (from Aestus release):
– Added Help screen, access by pressing Select.
– Added forecasting! (YAAY!!)
– Added a small iTWC logo, required in XML license.
– Fixed some bugs, thanks for reporting them. 😉

Installation Notes:
– A folder named “DSLiveWeather” in the root is -still required- to load and save data, which is never required, but is really nice.
– Also the same: use ‘’ as DSLW Server and ‘weather/fetch2.php’ as File, in the Settings tab.
– You might want to delete previous reports and forecasts (reports.b & forec.b).

– Still using the limited libFat, until DevKitPro r20 is out.
Please report any bugs that you find so I can remove them ASAP.


DSLiveWeather “Aestus”

Official Release:
DSLiveWeather “Aestus

Download URL:


First Official Release that includes graphics. Aestus, that’s heat in Latin. I’m sure you guys agree that this release is hot!

Changes (from Tepidus release):
– Better layout current condition.
– One global server setting, so you don’t have to type that for each and every profile.
– Left and Right switches between profiles.
– Touching the information will switch between units (F/C, miles/km).

Installation Notes:
– Make sure to create a directory in the root, named “DSLiveWeather”. (If you’re upgrading from previous installations, remove the trailing exclamation icon (“!”) from the directoryname.)
– You must use the file ‘weather/fetch2.php’ from the server ‘’. Must.
– You might want to delete reports.b, because there has been a change in the way DSLW loads that file. Though you don’t -need- to do it.

Please report any bugs that you find so I can remove them ASAP.