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RAM Unlocking API (Ram API)

I haven’t posted about my RAM Unlocking API on this blog, so here’s a short description.

Some of the Slot-2 homebrew devices and also the Opera RAM Expansion have External Memory that can be used as Extra RAM. The amount of RAM depends on the specific devices, where it can go from 4MB to 32MB. Opera RAM Expansion for example, provides us with 8MB.

To use this RAM we need to unlock the hardware first. Because this procedure is different on all those devices, I have decided to collect all the Unlock Sequences (it’s how you call ’em) into one package and I named it RAM Unlocking API or just Ram API.

So now if you’re a DS homebrew developer and you want to use the Extra RAM, you can, with just a few simple calls to Ram API.

Find more information on Ram API, go here.