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PC+Monitor or a Laptop?

So I graduated.

Somewhere in September I’ll be going to college, studying “Business and Information Technology”. I’m pretty excited since it combines the money-making field with my special-interest field. I hope this study will work out.

Anyway, a more interesting thing is that I’m going to buy a new configuration. It’s either a PC+monitor combo, or a laptop. I’m currently undecided, but I think it’s going to end up being a PC+monitor combo. Raw power and a huge screen, no one can refuse such an offer. But on the other hand I have the laptop. Average performance, average screen, but I can take it everywhere I go, whether it’s outside or just the living room. Probably most useful if I need it for my classes next schoolyear.

Of course I really wish I could have both. But then again, I’d also like to get some driving lessons, new clothing, go on vacation and more of the stuff young people oughtta do.  I’ll be slowly working towards these goals and I hope I’ll meet them in 2008.

Enough talk about my life. Right now I just need to decide what to buy. Any suggestions?

– Lick

Happy birthday.. me! It’s the 23rd of January and today I turned eighteen. I feel different from yesterday, seriously, I feel more mature. Maybe because I can buy drugs legally now. Yeah, I should buy drugs and sell it to kids..


Seriously, I hope this isn’t a boy. 

I could sing of Your love forever [FR]

Parcourant les monts et les mers,
Ton amour vient comme une rivière ;
Et je t’ouvre tout grand mon coeur.
Viens me guérir, mon Sauveur.
Ta vérité me réjouit
Et chaque jour, je te bénis.
Je chanterai sans fin L’amour de Dieu pour moi.

Je passerais ma vie à chanter
Oui chanter ton amour à jamais (2x)
J’ai envie de danser. C’est un peu fou, je sais.
Mais ceux qui verront la lumière,
Danseront de joie comme nous sur terre.

Why some of the homebrew software doesn’t support your card..

Read this:

Basically: manufacturers don’t help homebrewers. (They only help rom pirates with patchers etc.) Sad thing.

– Lick

They copied my game idea! :@

Check this out!

From the looks of the first screenshot, it seems to me that the input for this game is pretty much like the original idea I had for my platform game, wherein you spin a wheel to move over the platforms. Of course, I haven’t played this game so I don’t know if it’s the same. Shame on the creators if they really plucked this idea from me!

– Lick

Update – They probably didn’t copy the idea. 😀 From the looks of that screenshot, the circle is used for something else, probably.

Demo updated, new information found!

If you still don’t know what kind of demo it is: It’s a FIFO-based demo that demonstrates multiple useful information gathering from the ARM7-access-only registers.

I was messing with version 1 of the demo as I found out that when the charger was plugged in, the brightness value increased by 8. So I figured that bit(3) would be the ‘is battery charging’ bit. As I’m not sure if this is DS Lite specific (probably not), I hereby declare that SPI DATA REG 4 is -NOT- DS Lite specific anymore, but is also containing other information.
In my src I call it PM_HARDWARE_REG (perhaps it should be called EXTRA).

Anyway, I updated on several spots. Read below.

` 19-08-06 ` Found a powerful useful bit. The is-battery-recharging bit.
It’s the 4th bit (BIT(3)) of SPI DATA REG 4, that was at first
though to be a DS Lite specific register.

  • Added feature to see if battery is recharging.
  • Instead of substracting 64, the brightness bit is masked. (Bugfix)
  • Renamed some of the #defines and functions.
  • Made GET_BRIGHTNESS on Phatty return 0 or 1. (not 0 or 2)
  • Added the sun icon, I pixelled (hehe), to the package.

Hope the code will help you develop a strong application!
– Lick

P.S. Thanks Huuf for hosting!

Starting today, I will accept donations

Just so you know, I placed a donation link in the midst of the navagationbar, you probably won’t miss it. I hope to accept donations for the purchase of a GBAMP, and just general donations for the effort I put into the projects I work on.

I won’t expect to become a miljonaire, but any amount will help. So thanks a lot! 😉

Future-Tech Demotica-alike Application, planned

Hi little girls,

I got inspired by the demotica bathroom mirror that displays all kinds of information while you’re waking up in front of it. It would be really easy to implement on the DS probably, using RSS Feeds as main resource and dswifi. I’m still asking for more input though, you can view my thread over here. Notice that I posted very informally there. I wonder why I did that..

Anyway, like I said, input is more than welcome!

A Mouse Without Scroll

Something totally unrelated to DS homebrew, I cleaned my mouse. This time I decided to open it up and clean everything from the inside.  You’ll be AmAzeD by what you see in a 5 year old mouse. (I really need to get a new PC!) Anyway, lots of food, dust and dead-skin-that-formed-a-layer-of-stickiness inside, and I cleaned all of it. Then it was time to put it back together (the mouse) and I noticed the scroll has 2 springs detached. It was important for me to put them back in, so I thought. But I tried and I tried and I tried, I couldn’t figure out how, to, put, it, back, IN!
So I gave up and put the mouse together without the springs. Now my mousescroll doesn’t give a click if I spin it a bit. Normally the wheel would give some kind of ‘rumble feedback’ and it would scroll in ‘blocks’, but my mouse is completely smooth and it spins without any resistance. That feels way different. It feels like something new and fresh, just how I like it.
The downside is that now I don’t scroll in pieces, I tend to scroll up accidentally on touch of the wheel. I have to be careful now. But that doesn’t change the fact that it feels nice..